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Our expert window cleaners are insured, bonded, and committed to customer satisfaction. We also clean gutters, pressure wash flat surfaces and home exteriors, clean chandeliers and fulfill other requests to address customer needs. When you choose to partner with A & D Windows for your window cleaning in Austin, it will make your life so bright, you’ll need to wear shades. We provide cleaning and repair services to many realtors and their clients. People often clean or fix fogged windows when they need the house to look its best to bring the best price on the market. They always say that they wish they had lived in the house with it looking so good. Looking back they wish they had enjoyed the bright windows and crisp views while they lived there. Sometimes we should just spend a little on our own enjoyment of our living environment. It makes a big difference on our attitude and outlook on life too.

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A&D Window Cleaning and Repair has been cleaning Austin’s windows for over 35 years. Since founded in 1986, A&D has helped thousands of customers clean the interior and exterior of their homes. We specialize in window cleaning, pressure washing, roof and gutter cleaning, and an array of window repair and installation services. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Our window cleaning professionals in Austin even clean areas that you don’t see. When cleaning the windows inside, we open the window and clean out the build up of dirt, bugs and mud in the “tracks.” This is the most difficult and time consuming part of the job. It’s definitely the last part that you want to do yourself. Even if you wipe down your own windows sometimes, cleaning the tracks is definitely something you want to hire us to do for you. And while we are there we will show you how the glass looks when professionally cleaned. We’re not saying you’re not that good at cleaning, it’s just that we are that much better.

We also have De-Ionized water cleaning systems. DI works well for hard to reach areas, or when a customer prefers not to have ladders on the structure. Since the water is purified, soaps and detergents are not used. Therefore there is no possibility of soap streaks. All cleaning works the same basic way. Dirt and contaminants are caused to become loose from a surface, and once “in solution” are then removed either by squeegee or rinsing. So we brush the windows using de-ionized (purified) water until the dirt is suspended in the solution, then we rinse if off the glass with additional purified water. It’s another service that commercial and residential customers are happy to use in a variety of settings.

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Partnering with A & D Window Cleaning and Repair has so many advantages. Our local Austin company comes highly recommended by our incredible clientele. Please contact us for any of your window washing, repair, replacement or home services needs.