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Have you noticed your windows look hazy or are not cleaning well?

They’ve lost their seal, so moisture and contaminants are getting in between the panes of glass. This is not the end of the world. It is not as expensive or invasive as you might assume. We can provide replacement windows in Austin including services to repair foggy glass which is much cheaper than the cost of new windows. Many Austin companies will tell you that you need complete replacement of your window. Why? It’s not hard. Money. They will make more by replacing entire windows. But here’s what you should know: You can replace your old glass with the latest LowE and energy efficient glass for less cost, and reduce discomfort and utility bills. Why wait until you move or sell? Enjoy the view and the temperature while you live there! Don’t make the improvements for others to enjoy after you move out.

What do we mean by Low E glass?

It stands for “Low emissivity.” Light contains, or emits, UV light, which is damaging to wood, paint, carpet, etc. Low E coatings are designed to reduce that UV light. Floors and carpets fade much less, and therefore look better and last longer. Low E coatings also help with energy efficiency by reducing the heat and type of light that enters your home. If you have areas of direct sunlight, you will notice how warm those rooms can get. Low E glass products will make those rooms much more comfortable. And you don’t need to replace the entire window in order to gain those benefits. For most people the best solution is to replace the glass with higher performing glass. All new construction is required to use that glass, but you can get the benefits without building a new home, or without replacing the entire windows at the much higher cost.

Glass is not the only window repair issue that you might experience in Austin.

Sometimes the windows don’t operate as well as they should. There are a number of reasons for this. Single-hung windows raise up by means of balancer mechanisms which are attached to the sides of the bottom window sash. These balancers can break or become mal-adjusted. Many companies don’t repair these mechanisms. We can help get the windows operating correctly again when the balancers are the issue. Sometimes a house will begin to settle on its foundation, and windows are no longer square. This is a bigger problem. At the least we can evaluate whether something can be done to restore the window function.

If you’ve experienced hail at your home, you may notice that some of the trim around the edge of the window has been damaged. This is always unsightly, and doesn’t help the value of the home. Sometimes it is more than a cosmetic issue. If water enters the seal area the sealant can be compromised, and the window begin to fog. This is a much more costly repair. Hail damage to vinyl is an inconvenience, but can become a bigger headache if left in bad repair.

Energy Use & Efficiency

The more that energy usage and efficiency becomes an issue for homeowners, a variety of solutions will want to be discussed. Solar screens can help reduce heat and sun damage to window parts. Solar films completely eliminate UV light, and reduce radiated heat. Low E glass is effective against increased heat in the home, as well as UV light reduction. Window treatments, blinds, awnings and shading can also be added to the list of options. We can help talk through the various performance capabilities, and think through some of the consequences of the different applications.

Windows can also allow water to enter the home structure when mortar or caulking has begun to deteriorate or has been damaged. Owners usually respond quickly to water showing up inside the home. It’s a good idea to personally inspect the areas around the windows to look for potential leaks that may not yet be showing up inside the home. It’s relatively easy for the owner to buy some caulk to at least temporarily maintain those areas, and prevent water damage. At some point you will want a professional to assess whether exterior caulking seems to be adequate protection and remediation of the issues. Regardless of whether you need replacement windows or window repair on your Austin residence, A & D Windows can help!

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